the surgery

There are different possibilities for me to create the conditions for a normal mobility. However, these are very limited in my home country Slovakia. The most promising approach at the moment is a series of operations by Dr. Radler in a special clinic in Vienna / Austria. A first step is the surgery of my dislocated hip joints. Only then my feet can be operated so that at least I can stand or walk. This is followed by surgeries designed to improve the freedom of movement of my hands.


All surgeries, hospital stays, therapies, etc. that do not take place in Slovakia, nor are neither been arranged or supported by the doctors in Slovakia, my parents have to pay themselves.
The surgery of the hip joints costs 16.000 EUR, the surgery of the feet additionally 10.000 EUR.
Furthermore there are the costs for the long journeys to Vienna, for occupational and physical therapy and for the surgery of the hands.