Juli 2019


On the way out of rehab we visited Andráško. The same fate has struck him; he also suffers from arthrogryposis.

Dunajská Lužná Rehabilitation Center - In the afternoon after the therapies I finally have time to play and have fun.


Dunajská Lužná Rehabilitation Center - I don't always feel like it, I don't always enjoy it, sometimes I cry, but I have no choice.


Today DM-Drogerie handed us their products such as diapers and wet wipes. Thank you very much.



In addition to aqua therapy, SCENAR therapy and many other therapies, my mom also does art therapy with me at home and I try to be very creative :)


Sitting is a lot of fun for me, it opens up a whole new world for me.


I have to train a lot to get back in shape. 5 times a week Katka and Jarka help me out of a physiotherapy facility, which I have to pay for myself.


Look! Jipieee, I can sit so wonderfully, but only for a short time. It is a real miracle for me and my family.


Today is a kind of sad day, everything is complicated. To make my legs look so pretty, I have to wear special splints 18 hours a day. But when my orthopedist is abroad for a long time, there is none to prescribe it here in Slovakia and again we had to pay everything out of our own pocket. For some €300 is not a lot of money, but for me they would have covered 10 therapy units, which I also need so much.


Even if there is Corona, I cannot afford long breaks. So after two weeks of mandatory quarantine, I'm already busy.

II would like to thank all of you who have supported me. I have now completed the first operation, I could never have paid for it without your help. But there is still a long way to go.

Finally free and I can go home without plaster.


Removing the plaster was very uncomfortable, now the X-ray control comes in the opened plaster and you can free me of it immediately.


The wonderful Lucia Bérešová organized a concert for me again with her choir and part of the proceeds is used for my therapies.

And somehow I pass the time at home   

Aunt Monika sewed these special pants for me. She is so wonderful.


I am going home.


We are very happy, tomorrow we can go home.


It got a little better every day!


The first days after the operation were difficult but I endured.



After light complications, in the end everything went well and after 5 hours I am finally at my mother.



Hi friends, in a few minutes I will be operated by Dr. Radler. Hold my thumbs up, I hope that everything will be fine.


I wait and wait and finally my wait is over. In just 3 days I will start the long planned complicated operation in which the hips and pelvis are repositioned. We have already made a deposit of € 8,000 for this operation.

An article about me was published in the project "In good hands from the start" by LIDL in Slovakia!


I continue to practice with Bobath therapy.


We were at the SPIEVANKOVO concert and were able to experience wonderful moments with Zahrajko and Spievanka.



In all my glory I was waiting for Nicholas!

Even so, we shorten the waiting time before the therapies. Bribery through the potato chips always works: D

The friend Lenka gave us a voucher for a photo shoot with the photographer Vanda Martušeková.

Amalka's new little helper: "Seesaw Wingboo".

I am practicing diligently with the Therasuit.


We have successfully completed the next rehabilitation stay in Martin.



Who comes for lunch ???


I practice, practice and practice .... it is very exhausting but I am glad that I can do it.



The Barcelona singers who organized a benefit concert for me a year ago visited me in Slovakia.


A project of the LIDL Foundation "In good hands from the start" has given Amalka a donation for the therapies, as well as therapy devices, so that Amalka can also practice at home. In December an article will be published by LIDL about Amalka.


I really enjoy painting ...


My mom tries to complement my hard work with beautiful experiences.


The PSK Foundation in Prešov donated € 900 for the therapies. So I can continue to work on my development.


And again I have to work hard, this time in a specialized rehabilitation center in Dunajská Lužná, where I was treated after Vojta and Bobath, received massages and lasers.

Water is really good for me, especially my joints benefit from it.


In the period from 7.5. until 14.5. I have completed a rehabilitation stay in Martin. In addition to hard work in the sense of gymnastics, I have also had other therapies, such as lasers, whirlpools, massages, paraffin and oxygen therapy. It was all great. Most importantly, everyone was very nice to me.


At the beginning of April I started therapy in the special device 'Therasuit', a kind of belt suspension. It is very exhausting but it takes me forward.



Also on April 10th Slávka from KIDO brought us a special storage chair so that my scoliosis does not get worse and I have a completely different view of the world from this sitting position.



AOn April 10th we received a surprise, the 'Angel Wing' Foundation sent us a package with many useful things.


In the period from 1.4. until 7.4. I completed the next scanner therapy in Košice.


While mom and dad collect the 2% of the tax for me, I enjoy the first rays of sun in the garden.



Juchuuuu finally warm, I want to take advantage of that with my brother and we let off steam in the playground.



If my brother is not at home - Or: if the cat is not at home, the mice dance ... My brother's LEGO is very interesting.


On March 11th, 2019 a lady from the CŠPP (Social Pedagogical Center) visited me at home. Look, I received her so nicely.


So I play a little bit in Prešov before the training starts.

Sieve, sieve, we sieve the flour ... and my bowl of rice to promote tactile sensation

Relaxation - this time not with dog therapy, but with rabbit therapy :)


Thanks to my therapy, my hand is now wonderful.


The car is my second home!


The students of the Mierová school tinkered with their teachers and sold their works at the Christmas market. Amálka received the proceeds from the sale. We were very pleased. Thank you very much!

In Prešov I can play a little before the exercises.




A change in winter: Now I'm driving a sled, not in a stroller.


This is what my legs look like after plastering again.


Due to the vanity of our orthopedic surgeon, who has no interest in working with the doctors from Vienna and who refused to issue me with a prescription for new splints, my health deteriorated considerably and I had to be plastered up to my hips again for a few weeks, so that the resulting foot malposition could be remedied.


We received a gift from Ms. Nike Mesaroš from scanner therapy!


WChristmas, gifts, wellbeing without therapies!



My hands and feet don't work so well, but my tongue does so much better.


On December 15th, 2018 I took part in the wonderful campaign 'Christmas balloons', in which Peter Bendík gave me a gift of €250. He is a wonderful person who has not only opened his heart without hesitation.


My world's best brother Viki! We play together and have a rest.



IUnfortunately there are complications at the moment and I am struggling with pressure ulcers on my feet caused by the splints that I have to wear 23 hours a day. These have to be treated specially, but I can not do without the splints, I have to carry them on so that my feet do not assume the wrong position again. I have to keep fighting!


We would like to thank the anonymous donor for the SCENAR-home device. So my mom can carry out the therapy herself every day, of course under professional guidance.


The company KIDO - lávka Reháková has given me a compression suit that stabilizes my back so that I can sit upright despite scoliosis.


MY FIRST BIRTHDAY! My first year of life was very exhausting for me. However, I don't give up, just like my parents do; and I am very happy about everyone who helps me and believes in me. It would be very difficult without you. THANK YOU!


Look how I can already raise my hand! The therapies help me enormously and bring me forward step by step.



The way from Košice, this time I did a whole week of scenic therapy.

I can sit! Its so beautiful. From this perspective, the world looks a lot more interesting.


In October and November I regularly visited the Poprad Clinic, where I received physiotherapy, magnetotherapy and electrotherapy twice a week. Thanks to these therapies, my body has become more flexible, but the left hand just doesn't want to ... it doesn't listen to me .....


In SNOEZELEN we promoted my sensorimotor system and stimulated my senses.



That's my trip from Vienna. I've got used to the long journeys. On the way from Vienna we made a stop in Bratislava to complete three days of scenic therapy (S.C.E.N.A.R - Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation Therapy; translation: self-regulating energy neuro-adaptive regulator).

On October 16, 2018 we were again in Vienna for inspection. The rails for the hands have been adjusted. And because my shins have started to curve, I also need new, different splints for my feet.


Ms. Slávka from the organization "Angel Wing" sent me a package with all important things. We thank you very much for your attention.


I got these beautiful leggings from Silvia Kicová and the company "we love.sk". My mom was very happy because you can put them on and take them off much faster. But I don't like such pantyhose.

Excursion to the High Tatras. As a reward that I am always so hardworking, I can recover in the fresh mountain air today.







Thanks to the two charismatic organizers, we were able to take part in the charity evening Srdcedetom /Heart for the Children 2018 and met many good people also willing to help. Special thanks goes to Lucia Rusnakova, Zuzka Krisakova and all the participants. Thanks for the support and the painting of an angel given to us by Martinka Sedlbauer. She is indeed a person with a big heart.


We also met with the famous "Oteckovia/Fathers" from the TV series. Marek Fašiang and his family also gave us a donation for our treatments in Vienna.


An orthopedic aim company allowed us to borrow the Bobi pad since we have not yet been able to find a doctor that could issue a prescription for it.


I got this elephant from the moto bikers when attending an event for the deaf in Poprad. Several good people have also financially contributed to our cause.


I have to wear the splinter for 22 hours a day. When I got it off I tried how it feels to have some proper shoes on. Pretty, what do you think?


Currently we go for the physiotherapy twice a week – to Poprad as well as to Presov. Unfortunately, the insurance does not cover the costs so we have to cover them from our own pocket. Nevertheless, we will continue going for the therapies. We are excited about the results that come from Bobath techniques/procedures. Our physiotherapist in Presov has also taught us some exercises that we can also do at home.
Meanwhile, I have grown accustomed to my pretty splinter, and I'm not even crying anymore.


Finally after all those visits to the doctors there is some fun time with my family in the attraction park. I have to admit that this visit excited mainly my brother.



We had very good experience with the doctors in Vienna. However, we cannot say the same about some of the doctors in Slovakia. During a recent visit to a doctor in Zilina, we have encountered some arrogance and rejection to receive any further treatment at his ambulance. After seeing all the work done in Vienna, we were told by the doctor that we shall have all further procedures done in Vienna. We were a bit puzzled about this doctor´s reaction since it did not seem to about money…


We spent two days in Vienna for both hand and leg treatment. I got special boots which are however very uncomfortable. My tendons are heavily stretched and I cried a lot. I hope it will be better soon.


Today, for the third time, I had my gypsum changed. This time I was a bit uneasy since the gypsum covered my legs up completely. I need to stay strong.


The Slovak Emergency Services have also decided to help us. Once again big thank you!


Doctor Radler postponed the operation of my hips as my bones have not developed sufficiently yet. The operation at this stage might not bring the results I hope for. All hopes are up for the next control at the end of September when it will be decided if the hip operation can eventually take place.


Today I got my gypsum changed for the first time. Everyone is so nice to me so I decided not to even cry. I will need to have this done again several times in the following weeks.


Finally! I got my first operation done. Although due to complications it seemed like the operation would not have taken place, it eventually happened.


Doctor Radler examined me today and confirmed I can go for the first operation in early May.


Today there is a long journey ahead of us – again off to Vienna.


My last snapshots from Bratislava. Today we are heading finally home.


Threshold of €10.600 reached!
Dear family, friends, as well as all those who we have not chance to have met yet in person,
we cannot believe that so much money has been collected in such a short time. We hope that we will be able go with Amalia for the first surgery soon –
heartfelt thanks to all of you.


We have reached €6000!
We are very excited and grateful to all of you who have contributed for Amalka and helped us already to get so far. It sparked hope that our angel will soon get the help she needs.


I made a new friend in the hospital – Rebeka.


Today, the contributions for Amalia exceeded € 1000. It is still a long way to reach the needed € 26,000, nevertheless it is a good start.


I am currently in Bratislava at Kramare hospital getting my complete diagnosis done. The doctors told us good news – my internal organs are all in order.


My broken legs had to be in the splinter.


My first month of life I spent in an incubator.