Hello, that's me, Amálka

(pet name for Amalia)

I was born on November 29, 2017 in Slovakia. When my mom was 5 months pregnant, my parents learned that I would be born with the rare "arthrogryposis" disease. Despite the pressure of the doctors to abort me because of the negative prognosis, my parents decided to keep me and to fight for me. So I was born by planned caesarean section.

And now I am there with my illness. My bones, joints, tendons and muscles are stiffened. In addition, both legs and the collarbone were broken at birth for some inexplicable reason. My hip joints are dislocated.
If I do not get medical help, I will never live a normal life. My parents, Lucia and Štefan, do everything for me and discuss with the doctors what are the options. Unfortunately, there are no doctors in Slovakia specialized in this disease. That's why my parents introduced me to a special clinic in Vienna / Austria. There they were told that the treatments should be started as soon as possible in order to lay the foundations for a reasonably independent life.

Dr. Radler from Vienna would like to operate me, but the costs will not be covered by the health insurance in Slovakia. My parents earn only a few hundred euros a month and do not even have the money for a single surgery. No matter how much they save, it would be years before they had the money for the surgeries.
Therefore, I wholeheartedly ask you: help us to collect the money so that I can be operated on as soon as possible in Vienna and that no more valuable time is lost.

Many thanks to all who support us. That means a lot to us !!!